Board Members

Toni Marie Jefferson

Traci’s Bio is more than an organization, it’s a life saving/sharing/safe place where women that have been broken by the disease called “Cancer”, have become whole and have experienced love, compassion, fellowship and a sisterhood like no other.

I am so proud to be a part of this Board to share the complete experience with others of being “Beautiful, Inside and Out”, to come together as one to educate, lift-up, love-on and extend a welcoming atmosphere to all ladies in need of compassion, understanding and self-esteem. This is exactly what Traci’s BIO does 365 days a year, not just in October. Thank you Traci’s BIO for being who and

what you are.


To serve Traci's BIO (Beautiful Inside & Out ) Cancer Awareness Organization gives me a sense of pride & meekness. From Day one in 2014 B.I.O organization spoke to my heart and became a journey full of passion & purpose. To see the roots of Traci's BIO organization being created for African American Women by African American Women confirmed that the legacy which allows me to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants to see the future is now . 

A person most useful assets is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love , an ear to listen, and a hand willing to help others. " Cancer May Have Started the Fight, but we will Finish it."


Ivy M. Summons-Johnson

Felicia Chapman

I believe in what Traci's Bio organization represent. We are making a difference in our community.


Kim Robins

I came to this organization because my niece Marlena had a coworker that  was apart  of this group that support women that’s going through cancer . I was diagnosed  with stage 2 Non- Hodgkin Cancer.  My number was passed to “Traci Bio” who reached out to me and said she be honor for me to be a co- author in volume 2 . The point of the book was so that you can tell your story and support other women going through the same cancer-you have been through .   I was honor to write my thoughts and tell my story that cancer couldn’t win as long as I’m fighting this battle.  Not only did I learn what works when you feeling nausea or if your crying because you look different from other women I  learn was given a great support  with Traci Bio organization.  I did a lot of volunteer with the pink sisters and was happy the direction the organization was going, helping and supporting others that are going through cancer.  We the pink sisters offer support when going chemotherapy   Appointment or radiation appointment we are right there to support you .  We as pink sister have a bunch of fun together as well as doing a bunch of adventures things . When I was asked to be a board member of this organization I was honored with lots of joy. Finally I can give Back and enjoy doing it. So when I’m asked why did I join Traci Bio” Pink sisters.  I say ....couldn’t think of anything else better than this  than giving back and being someone else support system.”


Kia Brown

When asked if I was interested in joining team BIO, I jumped at the chance. This organization has positively impacted the lives of many. They don’t just help people survive and thrive, but they also change lives. I wanted to be a part of a legacy that is geared towards making a difference.

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Dr. Tashina Reeder

As a cancer survivor who once received support from Traci Bio, my participation as a board member is my way of giving back to the cause. I believe in the vision and purpose of Traci Bio, and I am honored to witness the transformative impact this organization has on the lives of women going through the life altering journey of cancer.

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Anita Green

I serve on Bio’s Board to help make a difference in the lives of African American Women. To help give them a sense of belonging. 


Dana McBride Garrett

15 year breast cancer survivor, co author in book 4. My purpose is to assist all survivors and thrivers' thru their journey in the various phases of cancer whether it be a ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. My intent is to meet my Pink Sisters where they are and help navigate their Journey of Survival. 


Arlene Roberts

I am on the Traci's Bio board because it is an organization that gives back to the community. It's empowers breast cancer survivors to thrive and creates

a sisterly bond. 


Montien Miller

I’m on the BIO Board to give back and support other women who would greatly benefit from hearing how I not only survived, but thrived after breast cancer! I’m more than a survivor; I’m a warrior!